Food, farming & gardening

Orenda Food

Orenda is profound healthy and vitalizing food. Orenda is healing of both nature and people.

Orenda Gardening

Orenda gardening is home grown food. Orenda is nature´s way of gardening.

Orenda Farming

Orend farming is a holistic and regenerating way of farming which restore life below ground and above ground.  

The meaning of Orenda 

Orenda originates from the language of the Iroquois Native Americans and means “The intelligent Life Force Energy that flows through everything, connecting all that is. It is the energy that effects change in One’s own life and empowers people to change the world in a positive, loving way.”

Iroquois Native Americans and all Original People around the world all share this belief.

About us

Orenda farms and gardens ensure profound healthy food with high vitality. Orenda is a holistic and regenerating production form without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, hybrids and GMOs. However, Orenda farms and gardens are so much more. Orenda regenerates and preserves biodiversity, both below ground and above ground - in livestock and cultivated plants and in the wild. Orenda creates profound healing of both nature and people. Orenda Food, Farming & Gardening is part of is part of the Orenda family who works on restoring the nature, people and all life on the planet. To learn more about Orenda and the Restoration Plan please visit www.orenda.global.


Orenda Food, Farming and Gardening is a global movement which has been established by heart-based men and women, artisan food producers, farmers and gardeners who base their ethics on natural law and the principle 'Do no harm'. Orenda producers believe in restoration of the sovereignty of the individual and in a society based on mutual trust where everybody is set free from control structures. Orenda producers declare that they will safeguard the qualities of all - for humans as well as for other species below ground and above ground. They work tirelessly on ensuring that everybody can succeed and thrive equally. Orenda  producers believe in strong local communities which are formed neighbour to neighbour, through individuals instead of from a centre. The Orenda productions are all based on a love of complexity and diversity.  Orenda producers believe that we are all a part of nature and we are all one.